The entrance to the fitness centre is free of charge for hotelguests. We offer more opportunities for sport-lovers: aerobics, watergymnastic, nordic walking, outdoor sport pitches.

The modern fitness room helps you keep your body fit. We offer cardio and strengthening equipment, our qualified staff is there to provide assistance and guidance to all ages.

There is a possibility of training with pulse measuring POLAR watches. The gist behind them is that within the first few minutes, i.e. the warm-up phase, this special watch measures the burden limits, the so-called OWN ZONE, based on the actual physical and mental state of the individual, thus providing the best pulse range for an optimised fat burning and aerobe work-out.

Outside the fitness centre walls our trainers and animators provide many programs in the pools, the fields and courses, the Petanque field and during the organised tours around the Rowing-lake. Family sports programs await the active, fun-loving guests, however less sporty people can also learn to play Petanque or enjoy Nordic Walking.

Personal training

Your personal trainer is a highly qualified fitness expert who will make an individual training schedule for you, maximally considering your traits, physical abilities, health condition and wishes. During their work personal trainers put an emphasis on the program of “perfect balance”. They help you how to use the equipment in the room properly, and plan your training to be varied and make you leave the room with a smile.

Fitness check-up

The trainer measures the physical condition, the way of living and the goals to be reached for the first time. The practical measurements and fitness tests are carried out on cardio machines and joint-friendly strengthening machines. With the help of a special pulse measuring watch (POLAR) the trainer can define the burden zone of the guests, based on their actual physical and mental condition. This is the zone where fat burning is the most efficient and the training has the least harmful effect on the body. The next step is measuring the power and the suppleness of the joints. The fitness check-up provides you with the on-the-spot training condition. Check-ups carried out later can help compare achievements and monitor the development.


It is a very joyful and efficient trainingsmethod for simultanous development of conditional ability (eg. endurance, muscular endurance, and coordination). The warm-up is followed by a cardio section. It is easy to join. In the second part strength and stretching exercises are performed for major muscle groups.

Fat burning training

The basic steps of aerobic, easy movements, knee and heels raising makes this kind of aerobic simple. The training is very effective: fat burning, forming of leg-and breech muscles. Improves the fitness without loading the joints.

TRX - Group

Simple, but very effective form of training, where guests use their own body weight to strengthening. The instrument used for this is the TRX = suspended strap ended in handles, into which our the hands or feets can be fixed for the exercises. It increases your heart rate during muscle strengthening, so the fatburning starts. Significant after-effect of fat loss is through the usige of high calories. Full body workout for beginners and advanced, too!


Cycling training in group with intense movements performed to music. It simultaneously reinforces the lower limbs and upper body muscles. The effectiveness of training in addition to fat-loss lies in the development of endurance, without overloading the joints. It is recommended to men and women, too.


The aim of the session: strengthening and shaping the muscles of the lower- and upper-body with the help of weights, rubber ropes, with the own weights, after a thorough warm-up, while focusing on the so-called problematic areas of the female body (abs, hip, thigh, buttocks). A woman should have curves, but not everywhere.

Circuit training

Varied, fun and efficient way of workout for improving several condition related abilities (stamina, endurance) at the same time. It helps building a team, while using different sports tools. There are several known versions of this training: everybody is doing the tasks in the circuit together, or each and every team member has their own task/station and they change stations. If you do not have enough time for moving, this is the way to make the most muscles work in the smallest amount of time.

Water gymnastics (free-of-charge)

It can happen that somebody cannot or does not want to participate in gymnastics sessions on the surface, due to orthopaedic or traumatic problems This is when water gymnastics can take over, as joints are much less burdened in the water, however, it is very efficient, as exercises are carried out under a constant pressure and with certain tools (water weights, water noodles) Fun exercises carried out to music can improve suppleness, muscle power and physical endurance.


An individual water therapy in 10-15 minutes. It is a relaxing silence-bath for both the body and mind. While the patient floats “weightlessly” in the hot water with the help of tools increasing the buoyancy, the therapist moves the joints and spine from “head to toe”, massaging the patient to help them relax.


Regarding its external conditions and impact, it is similar to the aqua-relax. This is also an individual therapy, easting for 30 minutes, however, here we fix pads (banana shaped poly-foams with a zipper) to the body of the patient, allowing more movement, thus a deeper relaxation. Weightless floating and the massage in the water are an unforgettable experience! We recommend it for stressed guests with tight muscles.

Aqua-fitness (free-of-charge)

Aqua-jogging in deep water (outdoor pool) with a special equipment (broad, poly-foam belt) improves fitness and is not only an entertaining and preventive training, but also helps in case of certain illnesses, such as spine ad joint problems, asthma, overweight, flatfoot. It is medically recommended, ideal for pregnant women. It is popular among non-swimmers as well.

Nordic walking

Walking coming from Finland, accompanied by special sticks, around the local Rowing Lake without any limitations or performance obligations. Those who can walk, can learn to do Nordic Walking!


The infrasauna is one of the most effective de-poisoning, weight reducing means today, improving the immune system as well as the mental and physical capacities while reducing fatique.30 minutes spent in the cabin equals jogging over a distance of 15 kms. The infrasauna has several advantages compared to the traditional (hot air or steam) saunas, as the skin and tissues are not exposed to high temperatures. Infra-red rays, having the same wave-length as the sunrays except for the harmful ultra-violet rays, penetrate deep into the tissues and result in three times more intensive sweating already at 45-48C than other, high-temperature saunas.


Sun-lovers can rest and get the right tan in quality German Ergoline sunbeds.


The aquabikes will be fixed on the poolside, which can be used also in deep water. The smooth, circular motion with no weight is the first step of the knee, ankle and hip injuries rehabilitation.

While the water relieves the joints the muscles are working, so the heart, circulatory and respiratory systems will be developed.
A fun and gentle exercise, which is also good for children higher than 150 cm.