People who want to recover or recuperate from an ailment can benefit from traditional healing services as well as from special treatments. Highly qualified rheumatologists have been placed in individualised set ups in order to optimise the effectiveness of the various treatments.

Healing massage

The massage is the oldest and the most applied treatment. The tone of the skin and the muscles is positively effected by classic technique which has the effect of improving circulation in the treated area. Through this method, pain and tiredness is reduced and psychological health is improved. This is a very popular therapy due to its relaxing and muscle loosening effect.

Massage with healing cream

The massage can be done with different creams. Depending on the ingredients of the creams there are refreshing, painkiller, cooling and recuperativ massages.

Feet Reflexzone Massage

This massage technique, which is becoming more and more popular, is the version of acupressure performed especially on the sole of the feet. It is based on the realisation of the fact that the condition of the different parts of the body and organs is reflected in sole of the feet. By massaging particular zones of the feet we can positively influence the functioning of the organs. Sole massage improves blood circulation in the required organs and also helps lymphatic circulation, the result being the strengthening of the immune system. The massage also contributes to waste product expulsion and also has a pain killing effect. A treatment once every one or two months can help to preserve health and also helps to act as an early warning system in that possible negative signs can be recognised in time.


This is used mainly in the treatment of respiratory diseases and the inflammation of the nostrils and sinuses. Solid, liquid or vaporised particles are imbibed into the respiratory organs.

Oxygen Therapy

This therapy centres on the lack of oxygen supply to the tissues. Its effect is not only that breathing parameters increase but also that the microcirculation of the blood improves. It also has a positive effect on physical capability, mental activity, memory and the quality of nerve impulses.

Salt Cave

This provides a special microclimate in which the patient can inhale salt Himalayas. It is effective in the treatment of chronic respiratory disease.

Subaquean Traction Bath

As a remedy for spinal pain, this treatment has the effect of stretching the spine. During the process of vertical stretching, a nerve under treatment may be released and swollen discs may also be relocated.

Effervescent Bath

This is a therapy, which can be used in the treatment of circulatory disorders of the arteries and veins as well as for certain heart diseases.


This natural mud is used as a wrap. The mud is both organically and inorganically rich. Its properties include the capacity to store heat well due to it being a near perfect heat insulator, which makes it ideal for the treatment of chronic and worn away joints, spinal deformities, muscle spasms and long term abdominal complaints.


This involves the use of electro energy for therapeutic purposes. This is divided into low, medium and high frequency treatment. Low frequency treatment includes the use of galvanic current, which is used because of its success in relieving pain and causing vein enlargement as well as having a positive effect on muscle tone. It is used in several ways and with its help; medicine is imbibed into the skin. It can be used together with hydrotherapy when two and four-chambered galvanic treatment is used along with a fully electronically energized bath. Electronic impulse based currents include diadynamic which is a combination of galvanic current and electro impulse current. Its physiological effect mainly includes pain relief and mild hyperemic improvement. One of the most widespread electrotherapy methods for pain relief is TENS (transcutaneous electro neurological stimulation). This is used mainly in the treatment of pain relief experienced in locomotive disorder. Selective stimulus current treatment is used to treat paralyzed muscle tissue. The medium frequency interference current has a deeper effect which as well as being effective in pain relief and the exercise of muscles is also used for the treatment of swollen joints and for the absorption of local water oedema. In high frequency treatment, short waves are used most frequently. A feeling of heat rather than that of the current characterizes these waves. The electrode does not usually touch the treated part of the body, while the local heat generated produces vein enlargement, an improved metabolism, better circulation, muscle spasm relief and the loosening of the epidermis.

Laser Treatment

This treatment is based on the focusing on high-energy light rays, which are projected onto a small area. It is effective in pain killing, the relieving of spasms and vein enlargement. It can be used in combination with other therapies.

Underwater Jet Massage

This is a hydrotherapeutic massage treatment, which uses warm water jets and is carried out in a bath. This treatment has a beneficial effect on muscle tone while also improving peripheral and lymphatic circulation. It is used in event of joint pain, after care following accident or operation and improvement of physical condition.

McKenzie spine gymnastic

It is a special gymnastic developed by Robin McKenzie for the treatment of the spine and the surrounding muscles. The displacements of the joints will be influenced through loading of the spine.

4-chambered Galvanic Bath

It is the combination of the electro energy and the hydrotherapy, and is used not on the whole body but only on the limbs. It has a pain-killing effect and improves the circulation.

Contrast Bath

It is used changing the warm and cold water for the limbs. The warm water expands the cold water restricts the veins. This process improves the circulation.

Electronically Energized Bath

Combines the positive effects of the electro energy and the hydrotherapy. The therapy is made in water of different temperatures for painkilling when the disease refers to more joints or parts of the body.


It is more safe and comfortable because the infrared heat warms up not the air but the body so we can sweat on lower temperature (35-55 C°) and it is more effectively than the Finnish Saunas. This is an excellent way of cleaning out body impurities, losing weight, caring for the skin, easing the stress and the tiredness.

BEMER (Bio- electro- magnetic- energy- regulation) Therapy

Healing with magnetic becomes more and more popular in the physiotherapy. It has a positive effect in case of osteoporosis, fracture of bone, of sport injuries, pains, and insomnia.

Medicinal Pack

The medicines are put on the skin as an ointment or solution to cause local hyperaemia. We use painkilling, muscle-loosing and inflammation relief packs.

Lymphatic massage

During this special massage those gentle, circular pressing- smoothing movements help forward and quicken the flow of lymph. The stagnation of lymph in tissues will stop. It activates the immune system and metabolism, empties oedemas in tissues. It is recommended for all kinds of benign oedemas, after operations, radiotherapies. Medical advice is needed before using this treatment.

Facial- lymphatic massage

The massage serves as a detoxification of the face and neck during which facial and around-the-eye swelling can be treated effectively. Gentle, circular, pressing- smoothing movements help forward and fasten the flow of lymph. Medical advice is needed before using the treatment.

Lower limb lymph massage

In our everyday life we can often experience swelling and pain in our lower limbs. This treatment is perfectly capable of reducing it. With the application of special grips we help the detoxification of tissues and the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Mobilization of the arthrodial and the groin

During this treatment we use classic massage techniques on the muscles around the joints, on the tendons and on the ligaments connecting it with streching and special mobilization of that body part. We influence the tone of the area towards a positive direction with the clasps and we can reach a pleasant, relaxed, pain-free condition. It is recommended for joints that are in various states of wearing away, also for cases of traumas and restricted movements after operations.