Check-in, check-out

The acceptance of the hotel rooms is from 14 o'clock possible, on the travel day have the guests to leave the room until 11 o'clock, afterwards they can take free the services of the Spas.

The use of the Medical and Wellness Centre

The Hotelguests can enter the Spa, Sauna and the Fitnessraum with a "watch tag". This watch guarantees the free use of the Spa for all day long.

Bathrobe, towel

Bathrobs, towel, bath-towel and Saunatowel are available in the rooms free of charge, which have to be left in the room upon departure.

Mini bar

You can take the beverages and snacks from the mini bar against payment. The control of the mini bar is made on every second day and on the departure day.


There are safe in the rooms free of charge available, you can require magnetic card on the reception, or you can use it with your own Creditcard. The hotel takes the responsibility only for the values and things that were put in the Safe.


There is a parking place in front of the hotel, which is observed by a camera and closed with a barrier.

Booking and payment

The price of the first night needs to be paid in advance. In case of booking please send us your address. The reservation is valid only after the deposit, the price of the remaining nights is to be paid during the ressidence within the hotel.The informations for the transfer we send in our comfirmation.Resignation of the reservation is possible 5 nights before arrival; at this point, the price of the first night will be returned or can be accounted at a later reservation; resingnation after this point, the price of the first night will be accounted for severance pay.In case if the guests leave the hotel before the departure day highlighted in the confirmation letter, the price of the entire reservation will be invoiced.

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