Sárvár and its surroundings awaits the guests with numerous sights and attractions. Each season promises something special. Wonderful natural environment and many recreational programs make the time unforgettable.

This rapidly developing small town combines culture, architecture and an idyllic nature into an organic unit.

Sárvár has many architectural and culture historical monuments. The symbol of the town is the renaissance Nádasdy-castle, which, with its gate tower and arched bridge, leaning over the moat, is part of our national heritage. The magnificent halls of the castle harbour objects of the former owners and a collection of the famous Hungarian light cavalry, the Husar. The inner courtyard is the location for open air music festivals, culture programs, vintage balls and popular fairs.

Opposite the castle one can find the evangelic church, built in the first third of the 19th century in a classicistic style. In the main square of the town at the side of the mayor’s office visitors are entertained by the music of 20 smaller bells. In the middle of the square there is a fountain, commemorating the close ties between the town and the waters.

One of the key buildings on the square is the Saint Ladislaus parish church. Géza Gárdonyi, one of the famous Hungarian novelists, had taught once in the two-storey kindergarten behind the church. The first book published in Hungarian language, the translation of the New Testimony by János Sylvester (1541), was born here. The infamous lyre player, Sebestyén Lantos Tinódi, also found a home here.

Behind the Spa there is a Rowing-lake consisting of several lakes, where visitors can familiarise with the flora and fauna and breathe fresh air while walking over small bridges and enjoy the silence.